Who is linda thompson dating now

07-Jun-2017 18:03

"I was not really into that peace and love and brown rice thing.I just thought the clothes were nice, the beads and the bells." On mature reflection then, Linda, what do you think the hippie elite saw in you?There have been few marriages of song, arrangement, guitar and voice to match it. Richard's remains trickily ironic to this day, as if designed to wrong-foot all comers. And maybe, as well as being cathartic, it was pathetic as well: we had kids and maybe I thought that if we did the tour, Richard –who'd just left me – would change his mind.Did the pair of them have an artistic or evangelistic plan? Linda's is about as self-deprecating and worldly as humour gets. We just don't get it.' But I do think humour had a lot to do with how we got on." She was counselled against going on that tour in 1982, by just about everyone including Richard. Yes," she adds, robustly, "it was very pathetic." The "Richard and Linda" period remains for most of us the most compelling passage of the Linda T story (so much so that Nick Hornby recently embarked on writing a film script, now aborted, centred on the public disintegration of the Thompsons' marriage). But it is but a fraction of the bigger picture of a life lived pretty keenly.

She then moved on with Caitlyn Jenner, who was living as Bruce Jenner at the time they met.It's the kind of record that takes a lifetime to make. interesting life -- and now, she's finally opening up in a new tell-all almost 45 years in the making.It's hard not to connect the two, although Linda won't do it.

She and Richard get on well, see each other occasionally, have never been in the habit of scoring cheap points off each other's foibles. Nevertheless, Richard's devotion to the anti-materialist way of life was all-consuming and Linda went along for the slow ride.

Her voice is too unreliable for live performance, but it works all right in the studio. I've never said or even thought that life is tough for women. Richard & Linda Thompson 'In Concert: November 1975' is is out on Universal/Island records Hot strummers: One fairy step beyond: five folk-rock classics The Pentangle (1968) - Pentangle Jazz, blues, folk, free-improv, mythology...