Vista sidebar feeds not updating

06-Aug-2017 16:16

Installing Feed Sidebar will add a new sidebar to Firefox that, when opened, will load the feeds that you have bookmarked in Firefox and display any unread items from those feeds.

Clicking on an item will show a preview in the bottom of the sidebar, and double- or middle-clicking will open the item in the browser and remove it from the sidebar.

These displays will appear on keyboards, laptop cases, remote controls, and cell phones.

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By the end of the article we'll have built a real gadget.

Currently, writing a cross platform gadget requires some tradeoffs and careful planning (see Donavon West's "Write Once, Run Everywhere" post for more information).

Let's take a brief look at the three gadget platforms.

The means of deployment for a gadget is a file with a .gadget extension.

A .gadget file is a compressed file in a ZIP or CAB archive format.

As we'll see later in this article, Sidebar gadgets can run on the desktop, or inside the sidebar area itself.

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