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experience, what you get out of the box is a well-crafted adventure and world that kids of all ages can be excited about.Being a completely different game helps the 3DS version from being overlooked by those falling in to the world of Skylanders, and some may even prefer the portable's platforming over the roaming console version.As Portal Master, you're able to seamlessly transport Skylanders from our world, where they are frozen, into theirs, where they come alive, by lining up the IR sensors on the 3DS and Power Portal, placing a figurine on the portal and summoning them in the overworld hub.

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Something tells us this isn't the last we'll see of the Skylanders.

The switch is nigh-instant and possible everywhere, which makes it all the more fun to do.

What’s neat about the toys is that your character’s statistics save to the toys themselves via the Power Portal and can be dropped in to any other Skylander game across all platforms — if you have the Wii version and a friend has the PS3 or Xbox 360 version you’re still able to summon your custom Skylander into their game, and all stat gains and gold collected elsewhere carry over back to your platform of choice when you return.

Story mode progression does not carry over, however.

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The game's RPG elements are more deep than they let on at first: what occurs as simple character leveling quickly turns into hours lost collecting gold to buy offensive upgrades, collecting orbs from defeated enemies to gain levels and conquering side challenges improves attributes like strength and speed.Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure taps into that spirit of excitement and all-powerful god role thanks to its unique hook that makes immobile figurines on the table spring to life and personality on your gaming platform of choice.

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