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How they hadn't fucked in at least a month and were arguing all the time. He thought of her long sleek blonde hair, her firm tits, her smooth thin thighs, her clean shaven pussy.He thought of how he loved Becky no matter how she looked and felt bad about fantasizing about Hannah. I'm just having lunch in the offices, got a few cases to look Becky put on her dressing gown and went to answer it. ' Said Becky, Martin's eyes snapped up to the screen. There, in the doorway with her sleek hair, long skirt and skinny waist stood... 'Please Miss, I got caught up and only just managed to get here.' Pleaded Hannah.He ignored her and ran downstairs grabbing his car keys.On his way in, whilst trying to flatten his dark hair he thought about Becky, and how they had been drifting lately. She was young, just 23 on a graduate scheme at the law firm he worked at.Greeting him with a smile and handing him one of the cups they proceeded in together. Becky undid her dressing gown and let it drop to the floor. Becky began undoing Hannah's shirt and unveiled her firm, large tits in a lacy white push up bra.'Do you mind if I leave the office on my lunch hour today? 'I've got a few things to take care of.' 'Of course,' he replied. Then she unzipped her skirt and let in fall to the floor.Martin's alarm didn't go off that morning and when he finally awoke, stretching his lean arms above his hair and over his handsome face he glanced over at the clock which read .

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Going further, the group says it is “trivial to connect to the access point [AP],” and that if you manage to do this, you’ll have “instant access to everything on this web application”.This choice was odd.”Svakom has yet to respond to Pen Test Partners’ exploits.It isn’t the first time a sex toy has become tangled up in the Internet of Things security debate, with Canadian firm Standard Innovation having recently settled to pay out £3 million following claims its connected We-Vibe vibrators were sending personal information to the company without user consent.'No problem.' That morning dragged on, Martin had some cases to look over and kept checking back on Becky via the security system he had installed in their house. He often caught Becky masterbating in the day with her vibrator or dildo he had bought her, Becky was unaware of the cameras and Martin decided to keep it that way, but she hadn't done it in a while. Hannah was wearing lace white underwear with white stockings and heels.

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As lunch time came Hannah began packing her things and left the office whilst Martin got out his pasta salad and carried on his cases, his security cameras up on his computer, he watched for a while as Becky got ready. Both woman stood there, one in red, one in white, then they embraced.

As he arrived in the office he saw Hannah in the car park. ' 'Just watching TV, doing some marking.' 'Right,' said Martin, knowing she was lying, 'well I'll see you around 5 hun.' 'Will do, love you.' She replied. He felt hot all over, was this the moment he was going to find out she was cheating on him. 'Well, that's not good enough,' replied Becky, 'You will have to be punished'.

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