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Only this film as well as Eli Roth's Hostel (2005), Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs (2004) and Gaspar Noé's Love (2015) have gotten this certificate, which is usually given to pornographic films. It feels like a three-year-old's version of "shocking," when it's boring, pretentious, and so on.We're treated to a crazy homeless guy who lets a brother and sister squat with him, but in exchange, they must do whatever he wants. In the hands of a better filmmaker, this might be something, but it's one of the worst films I've ever seen, and I rather enjoy bad movies --- the so bad they're good kind.Grissom's second-in-command, Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger), is a single mother with a cop's instinct.Born and raised in Vegas, Catherine was a stripper before being recruited into law enforcement and training as a blood-spatter specialist.It also signals the arrival of an oily strangler who stalks the streets at night.A woman has been brutally struck down by a car and the two drivers have been obtained by the police.Following Grissom's departure during the ninth season of the series, Catherine is promoted to supervisor.After overseeing the training of new investigator Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne), Willows is replaced by D. Russell (Ted Danson), and recruited to the FBI shortly thereafter.

The team is originally led by Gil Grissom (William Petersen), a socially awkward forensic entomologist and career criminalist who is promoted to CSI supervisor following the death of a trainee investigator.

The series, starring William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Laurence Fishburne, Ted Danson, Elisabeth Shue, and Jorja Fox is the first in the CSI franchise.

The series concluded with a feature-length finale titled "Immortality".

It takes a hell of a lot to make me actively hate a film.

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The most astonishing thing about this movie is why so many film festivals saw it as "art" and choose to screen it.

Initially, CSI was thought to benefit from The Fugitive (a remake of the 1960s series), which was expected to be a hit, but by the end of 2000, CSI had a much larger audience.