Larg chast in woman

20-Sep-2017 14:21

Large breasts can cause a teen girl not only emotional distress but also physical distress.

For example, large breasts can be associated with upper back pain, tingling in the arms, and skin irritation.

Other cases of asymmetry require consideration about how to balance the breasts.

Balancing can be a combination of enlarging one side, reducing one side, or working on both sides.

When breast size causes other problems or interferes with activities, surgery can be considered.

Activities are limited for four to six weeks, but usually girls are back at school by the next week.

In most cases this tissue will go down in size over 2-3 years.

If it does not, and the boy is otherwise healthy, consideration can be given to removing the tissue surgically.

Socially they can be burdensome as teenagers, and they can restrict athletic participation.

Initially, management is with physical therapy, skin care, proper bra fitting, and pain medicine as needed.

One of the most common breast abnormalities is extra nipples (also called supernumerary nipples) commonly found in the armpits or on the abdomen in both boys and girls.