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v=CKr0HGl JVK0Magical Devices that Harry owns in The Boy and the Beginning so far:has the ability to weave any substance in to form of choice, Gillyweed- from cannon, has the ability to give eater the ability to breath under water for one hour in fresh water and an hour and a half in salt water, The Nokmey Brand-a brand that permanently gives one a monkey tail, Omega bracelet- when worn it allows the wearer to be immune to electrical based attacks, spells, or natural or man-made electricity, Gemini needle- when a user pricks their finger with the Gemini needle, it creates a double from 3 drops of the user's blood.

December 20th- Spain, Harry gets lost in a storm and stumbles across a hidden castle without a door, and later is lured to a get together of five Abnormals.

December 21st- Spain, Harry wakes up back in his camp. December 31st – Jan 1st- Abdundancia, where Harry spent the New Year’s eve.

Between January 14th-April 14th - Harry randomly explores Spain.

April second week, Cadiz, Spain, Harry 9yrs old, bords a ferry, and sneaks onto the first island in his visit to the Canary Islands.

January 6th-Harry watched an Epiphany Parade, unmentioned city. January 11th- Harry decides to follow a road, the A-42.

It is also the first time that Harry, unknowingly sees a wizard, though in messege ooo ooo If you are trying to access links here, look up "queer_trekker" on dreamwidth .org, and wen there put in "My profile on ffnet" into the search ooo ooo My works here and other works can be found at AO3 (some stories there that are not here) and Fi Mfiction (MLP related fics)ooo ooo Note: (Do not message me about these issues).Last Week of October- Harry, 9yrs old, enters Brocklaide, a Hidden Place, France.

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Harry also develops his ability to magically create fire when he uses it on an Audrey.

November- 2 weeks after arrival: Harry, 9yrs old, in Brocklaide, explores the River Wendy.