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Finally she broke under my power and still respecting my request to stay turned-around, she dropped her pants too. "I just can't breathe when I see you." Then taking a free hand, I knocked a pencil off my desk. It rolled on to the floor and underneath one of the students' group tables. The view I got of her little rump was enough to make me moan loudly in pleasure and release my sexual gratification. After wiping up a bit using the box of tissues on my desk, I then sneaked up on her from behind. You just want someone and you'll stop at nothing to get them, even if it means doing things against their consent. Some people are just able to contain it better than others, separating me from you.""But you understand how that makes you a—excuse the ugly word—rapist, right?

The skirt dropped to the floor, and there she was in front of me, her little legs exposed, privates hidden by pink panties. " A smile returned to her face: she wasn't quite as scared now. "I just want to see more of your beautiful body—without any clothes to impede my view." More big words, more cajolery: a never-ending cycle of pain and pleasure that was. " she asked me, probably wondering why I had been breathing and groaning so hard."You're just so beautiful," I replied. "Obviously happy to be doing something other than standing around, modeling for me, she bent over and began searching for my little writing utensil. In your hands you now hold several papers, all being held together by a single paperclip.

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"Mommy will be really mad at me if I do bad.""I'm pretty sure she will be," I replied, searching through the file cabinet. Katie watched me all the while."Katie, come here," I said to her upon sitting down in my chair. She was a writhing ball of desperation: she bit, kicked, and smacked, but it was futile. Even though you are writing once more in that tablet, it glows with a little . "I knew from the moment I targeted her that she would be different.

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• You will not use this website to promote, recruit for, or organize any real life group, political or otherwise.[Discontinued]Pedophile It was five minutes after school. I was still there, sitting behind the desk, but that's because I was the teacher, and it was my classroom, and I had work to do. Oh, yes, and I forgot to mention: one of my students was there, too. I watched as her eyes looked up to the ceiling: why students think that blasted thing would ever give them any answers is beyond me. It hurts now, I remember thinking, but it'll be over soon, my little Katie. And I knew right then and there that I was quite literally caught with my pants down. "A stereotypical pedophile, from the Greek word, meaning 'love': a child-lover. If it wasn't me, then it was going to be someone else.

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