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If the person gets the word after everyone gave a hint, they are safe, if not the group decides on a fun punishment such as performing a song or silly act.Telephone – The first person think of a phrase, which he then whispers to the next person in line.Write a funny or strange word on a piece of paper and hold it up behind the prospect in the hot seat for everyone to see.The group must try to get the hot seat member to guess the word by giving hints and clues.This can be done in a “pass the story” style where each participant adds a bit to the story, or everyone could pull out their very best ghost stories. Unfortunately, many of the worms don’t make it back into the ground before the sun comes out.Help the worms out during the rain storm by capturing them and placing them in the mud.Before you run off to the local megastore to buy equipment, see what you already have in your house.

The first player to get rid of their sheet of stickers is the winner! Frog – Sitting in a circle around the campfire the first person says: ONE FROG, the second person says: 2 EYES, the third person says: 4 LEGS, the fourth person says: IN THE PUDDLE, the firth person says: KER-PLOP.

In fact, there's no reason to limit your guest list to family: A backyard campout also makes for a terrific sleepover party or birthday celebration.

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