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While it wasn't a "gang bang" [italic]per se,[/italic] he did get plowed by 12 of the guys at the party. Oh for fucks sake Aunt Bea, you make these guys sound like they're Dorothy Malone mamboing their father's to death. I am trying to make sense of your statements and wondering what you were thinking. Doubtful, but please cone down off your superiority buzz: you know exactly why we did it. Are the odds where and when it's often done that it's not safe? Does the vicious homophobic sex-phobic hysteria help your case if you're trying to help people have safe sex? When I came home to my apartment one day, I found the Weinstein Brothers, Scott Rudin, Jerry Bruckheimer, Ari Emanuel, three Saudi Arabian investors, and the Mexican janitor from Miramax, all sporting nothing but cocaine-induced hard-ons. There is no prospect that scientists will any time soon find the ultimate solutions to the AIDS epidemic, namely a vaccine that would prevent infection with the AIDS virus or a “cure” for people already infected with the virus.

I had the good fortune to suck off at least 4 of them before they fucked. Absolutely disgusting to have a dozen or more big ol hard, pulsating manmeat lined up to savage a tight pink hole. I have no idea who the fathers are and am thinking about calling Maury to see if he can help sort it all out. Was one of about a dozen tops in this bareback gangbang about 6 or 7 years ago. I can't understand why anyone would do a bareback gangbang with a bunch of strangers. Horny logic and temptation of sex that does feel better at the time. People like [R32] always undercut their safe-sex arguments by jumping to extremes -- they read "gang bang" and somehow assume it must be meth induced, no condom, STD-fueled rape. It's not my thing, but if you've had enough sex, you know that many tops often cum faster, and some people might get sexual satisfaction out of someone topping them for a long long time. At the time, I was up for a little picture called Shakespeare in Love, so I gave the guys a little wink and said, "Just let me put down a little newspaper first."Namaste. My boyfriend gave me 6 rent boys who took turns fucking me. My favorite part of the evening was when I got eat birthday cake out of one of the rentboy's asses. [quuote]Seriously this really is why they, AND I, hate us. Even so, health care leaders already have many tools that have been shown in rigorous trials to prevent transmission of the virus, making it feasible to talk of controlling the epidemic within the foreseeable future. It was “a bad policy, based on faulty science, that ran contrary to America’s deepest values,” Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health and human services, told the conference.

Please be open to teaching me how to take all that cock at once.

If everything goes well I wouldnt mind doing it again.

How can you get fucked by 30 guys and not get an STD? It is completely irresponsible for ANYONE to participate in these kind of gang-bang situations in the post-AIDS era. If done safely, is it possible to be at the centre to a modest gangbang, done with people I trust and not just some random guys found online, without catching anything unpleasant? Just sayin'My BFF did a 21/21, and I was one of them. (He had crabs once, but that's not an STD.) I live in fear of 40, which he considers a "blowout" (as in prolapse) year. However, I will say that the threat of STDs just doesnt make it seem like a worthwhile endeavor. He desperately tried to get me to come over his house to have sex with him. Everyday in biology class he would get up, come over to my lab table, and tell me that he wants me to suck his dick. So, when it was time for us to choose lab partners I decided to be his partner. He then threw up a waterfall of Herpes filled saliva on the floor. Instead of waiting for these future possibilities, Dr.

At least 40% of the sexually active population has a form of herpes (many are just carriers), and I can only imagine that percentage is higher for the gays. Maybe YOU should chat with a doctor before your next methed-out gangbang, R29. Condoms DO NOT protect against herpes, as even you (and your doctor) just admitted. Is one gangbang worth herpes for the rest of your life? I was once, randomly, slapped on the ass by a Sophomore, when I was a Freshman, at my High School in Biology class in front of everyone. Good thing I don't ( the saliva did not touch me and I got tested so I'm good). I would try to do the lab work and he would just talk about sex with me. When he was finished he looked up and asked me if I would see him again. I didn't want to say 'no' because it would have peeked the awkward scene hardcore. Fauci and other health leaders are proposing the broad adoption of other available tools to reduce the spread of the virus so as to produce an “AIDS-free generation,” a goal enunciated last year by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Clinton anticipated a time when virtually no child anywhere would be born with the virus, teenagers and young adults would have much less risk of becoming infected and those that do become infected would have access to treatments to prevent them from developing full-fledged AIDS or passing the virus on to others.

Fire Island..guy was turning 30 and he cruised the beach looking for 30 guys to fuck him.

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I tried to get him on topic but he asked me if I would come over his house to have an orgy on the following weekend. Last year, the poorer countries invested .6 billion of their own money while international financing remained at .2 billion, the 2008 level, according to a report from the United Nations AIDS agency.

I have pretty nice bubble butt and I enjoy being a bottom.

I have only been with a couple older guys but I am dying to find a group of guys who would like to show me how to take cock in my bubble butt like a champ. I would like to at least try a group of 3-5 guys who are pretty well hung.

I can't imagine having that many people to the house without serving some sort of refreshments. Even the best pig bottom can only accommodate four or five guys at a time, so that leaves 25 people milling around the house at any given time. And what pig bottom can accommodate only four or five guys at a time?

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Even if you're not doing an elaborate spread, that's still a lot of booze and snacks to put out. One in each of the obvious orifices (two would be tacky), one in each hand, waiting his turn, one to answer the phone... I was having a fuck party this weekend and now my fave fuckbuddy (amazing butt, handsome and great to watch in action too) can't come :-(Ironically I've had an invite to a gangbang on the *same* day at the *same* time and now I can't decide what to as my group meet was only half arranged (but would have more guys who were versatile, and more of a range of ages)Help me datalounge, what shall I do?!?! Help me I'm indecisive and I rarely get any free time so I don't want to regret my choice!

While my friend is very hot, I didn't partake, because we are after all friends. I mean if it was 8 or 9 or even 10 in your group, well OK. I should warn you it is not pretty and definitely NSFW[quote]You people are pure filth. Funniest part was recognizing a couple of the other tops and recalling their anti-barebacking rant in their profiles... The bottom contacted me on chat and invited me over. I'm not calling the bottom a hypocrite, nor all of the guys who participated -- but I am calling out the guys who are fervently anti-bareback in public who then proceeded to drop multiple loads in the bottom's sloppy raw hole. I'm not saying that people should bareback -- I'm just answering the question that was posed. Seriously how can you indulge in this sort of animalistic behavior? I'm oldschool at 46 and remember the days when we didn't know what caused AIDS or who had it. The right would have a field day with this thread, and you know something, I'm not sure they'd be so far off the mark? He was hot as in he looked similar to the gay pornstar Shane Frost. He was literally to good to be true, especially for his age. I was once, randomly, slapped on the ass by a Sophomore, when I was a Freshman, at my High School in Biology class in front of everyone. Good thing I don't ( the saliva did not touch me and I got tested so I'm good). The only question is whether the nations of the world are willing to put up enough money and make the effort to do it. According to the United Nations agency that tracks the disease, some 23.5 million of these live in sub-Saharan Africa and another 4.2 million in India and Southeast Asia. This conference is the first in more than two decades to be held in the United States. There has been optimistic talk at the conference about accelerating the search for a “cure” that would allow people to eventually stop taking the drugs that have prolonged many lives for decades — and about developing a truly effective vaccine. Anthony Fauci, the American government’s top AIDS expert, made clear just how difficult those tasks will be.