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By that time, Pa and us boys all had our britches on; no shirts and barefoot. Ma lay back down for a few minutes, then rolled over on her hands and knees and slowly stood up.It took a moment for her to walk to the edge of the porch and step off.Ma wasn't angry or upset; just being factual, I guess.We did as she suggested; stared at her big tits sitting right there on the dinner table as they rolled slightly with every breath.Ma rolled over, facing the yard, then up on her bottom elbow.Huge tits slid toward the ground; her top leg was up, calf perpendicular to the ground, with her lower leg lying flat, opening her crotch wide and clearly visible.It was just a normal response after all that was happening.

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My brothers and I tried not to be rude by staring, but seeing her that way every day was not easy getting used to.Then she reached down and began rubbing the inside of her thighs, then her pussy lips. I'm glad nobody did anything to provoke them; Sanchez was just waiting for an excuse to kill us," she said.Finally, she just leaned back with her head against the wall. "I've been sitting in the water, thinking about everything that's happened, how our lives have all changed.Ma never said anything or acted upset or surprised. We tried to be discrete, but took opportunities to glance at her chest when we were around the table. I've been walking around here with no clothes on for three days, so it's not like you haven't seen them.

The fourth night, she finished eating and slowly slid her plate toward the middle of the table. All of you saw them up close when those men were here. So it doesn't hurt anything for you to stare at them if you want.

She stumbled down to the pond, waded in and sat down.

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