Dating a pot smoker

23-Aug-2017 19:33

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That is because the weed has not had time to start developing it's very real addiction power.

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If you have never smoked marijuana, don't even try it. Nobody even likes marijuana the first time they try it, because it is poison to your system. If marijuana is so good, how come nobody likes it the first several times they try it?Those many men are called pothead losers and they need a swift kick of reality to their backside. You have an obvious problem with marijuana and you are pathologically unable to admit it.Marijuana addicts are notorious liars, even to themselves, and they will even pretend that the drug they are addicted to is actually a medicine. You'll hear all this talk about marijuana being a harmless medicine.Well I've got news for you, marijuana is a drug, it is a medicine.

Marijuana is a drug that tricks you into thinking it is medicine when in reality it is what is causing the so-called health problems that it pretends to heal. The next day you have problems and you want them to go away so you toke on the reefer.

Marijuana renders these people incapable of remaining calm.

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