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Fixation Device, used in conjunction with any Smith & Nephew ENDOBUTTON device, allows a 6 to 10 mm area of the femoral tunnel to be covered.In addition to providing an effective solution for cortical blowouts, this fixation device offers a variety of benefits.

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ACC Medlink is in full compliance with these standards and insurance requirements.

We offer state to state patient transport for non-emergency situations.

Unlike the typical ambulance transportation service, ACC Medlink’s long distance medical transport vehicles are specially configured for comfortable transport of patients who can not walk or sit up for extended periods.

Any and all entities conducting interstate passenger transportation must be registered as a Federal Motor Carrier.

You can verify our compliance by clicking here : Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Verified Compliance ACC Medlink is the premier nationwide medical transportation company.This will make it easier to pull through the device. TIP: Using heat tipped sutures and different colors for leading and flipping will make it easier to load the sutures and pass the graft. Attach a #2 braided polyester flipping suture to the ENDOBUTTON Direct Device through the two holes at the open end of the device.

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